We bring our clients the most talented and successful managers available for employment in their organization.

We are an automotive management search and recruiting firm. Our contingency fee allows the employer to use our service and only incur a fee if they hire one of our candidates, so it is free to look at. A replacement warranty is provided on all of our candidates if for any reason they do not work out.

The needs of our clients include immediate management vacancies, confidential management searches, new management positions due to growth and expansion-some clients just want to see how their current managers measure up to what is available. All candidates referred to clients have been thoroughly researched and investigated. We can narrow it down to the most outstanding and “best fit” or supply a choice. All activities are client driven with the client’s interest foremost on our agenda’

Each client is responded to on an individual basis and the search process is always customized to the uniqueness of each client’s situation.

Our clients are members of the retail automobile industry and include new car and truck dealerships, automotive lenders, finance and insurance companies, equipment manufacturers and distributors, automotive consulting firms,
parts distributors and suppliers and software companies.

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